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As a professional furniture buying agent, we offer strategic product sourcing and supply chain management services in Indonesia.

We work closely with you, so we understand you, your business and exactly what you’re looking for. Becoming an extension of your own buying process.

Why Buy from Indonesia?

With its flourishing multi-cultural society and influences from Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity and Dutch, British and Spanish Colonialism. This cultural melting pot creates a diverse selection of furniture and accessories.

Ranging from primitive styles produced by indigenous tribes, living for centuries in the rainforests through to modern factories producing the latest contemporary furniture styles and trends.

Indonesia has an abundant resource of raw materials a large variety of materials are used in the manufacture of furniture and handicrafts.

Around 70% of the world’s rattan is in Indonesia, along with many different materials like petrified wood and volcanic rock to name a few.

Traditional methods of production are still used today. With skills learned by the craftsmen, being handed down from father to son.

The Problems

Yes, unfortunately, there can be problems.

In our database of 1000’s of factories, we trust only around 5% of companies.

That, if we place an order we know we will receive what we ordered, with everything being on time and to the right quality. The rest we have to control.


Problems include:

  • The wrong goods are sent. 

  • The wrong quantities are manufactured. 

  • Products made to the wrong specification. 

  • Poor quality goods produced. 

  • Orders are late being delivered.

  • Deposits are paid and no goods sent. 

  • Language problems. 

  • Factories say yes to anything but can’t deliver on their promises.


These are all real problems you are very likely to experience buying directly from a factory yourself.

As a western owned business, your quality and reliability expectations we understand.

Our knowledge of the marketplace, with no language problems, gives you confidence in knowing your interests in Indonesia are covered.


Your Buying Partner in Indonesia


Container Management

A complete buying service


Quality Control

Total peace of mind your order is right.


Product Sourcing

Providing products for tomorrow's sales


Trade Show Trips

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends.

escorted-trade-show-sourcing-buying trips-Indonesia

Buying Trips

Tailored to meet your buying needs. No two trips are ever the same


Factory Inspections & Audits

Our inspection highlights any weaknesses in a supplier


What is the difference between buying directly from Zenddu and using Zenddu as our buying agent?


Zenddu offers 3 different price options. Trade, Volume and Factory prices. Here are the main differences. Choose which is best for your business.

Min Qty Varies  Varies  Varies 
Min Value $ 5,000 $ 20,000 1 x 20ft container
Prices Highest Price Middle Price Lowest (Factories Price)
Extra Cost None None Container Management Fee
No: Products 1,000’s  1,000’s  100,000’s
Suppliers Factory Inspected  Factory Inspected No Inspection
Product Warranty 12 Months Product Warranty 12 Months Product Warranty No Warranty. At Buyers Risk.

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