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Call or WhatsApp us today! +6281999920209 | Email [email protected]


Call or WhatsApp us today! +6281999920209 | Email [email protected]

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Firstly, our buying / purchasing agent and container management services are only available to wholesalers and larger buyers and we only cover Bali and Java in Indonesia.

We are experts in the furniture and handicrafts market. We don’t deal in any other markets.

Do you already buy or want to purchase from suppliers in Indonesia? If so, above all finding the right partner to control your orders is essential.

Besides controlling your existing suppliers we also source new products for you.

This service is only for FULL container orders as well as being subject to a minimum order value.

Please Note: If you want to buy directly from us – This service is not needed as our price includes all of these services.  

Furniture Buying Sourcing Agent management Bali Jepara Java Indonesia


Our strategic product sourcing and supply chain management services cover both Bali and Java. We work closely with you, so that we understand you, your business and as a result we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Becoming an extension of your own buying purchasing process.

Buying agent services in Bali and java indonesia


Being a British run company, with over 25 years experience in the global furniture market, so of course we fully understand your quality and reliability expectations. 

There are no language problems, in addition we have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian marketplace. Giving you confidence your interests in Indonesia are covered. 

Our quality control staff are fully trained and have many years of experience.

Zenddu European management team


We handle the whole purchase supply chain for you from initial sourcing of products right the way through to organising ocean freight shipments to anywhere in the world.

We communicate with all buyers in English. This is done by native English speakers who are used to speaking to people who English is not their first language.

With suppliers our native Indonesian staff communicate in both Indonesian and Javanese languages, so eliminating any confusion and miscommunication.


  • SPEND ANALYSIS – We discuss together estimated values, number of containers and frequency of your orders.
  • GOAL OBJECTIVES – We discuss what types of product you want, specifications, quality level, materials used, styles etc.
  • SOURCING PLAN – We now formulate what type of manufacturers are required and where they are most likely based.
  • IDENTIFY SUPPLIERS – We identify suppliers in different ways. From our database of 1000’s of craftsmen and factories, government trade sources, trade associations, exhibitions, social media and recommendations.
  • CONTACT SUPPLIERS – We contact target suppliers who we have identified about your potential order.
Furniture Buying Purchasing Agents Bali Java Indonesia


Buying / Purchasing Agent and Container Management Services – We charge a percentage of the goods value.

Depending on the supplier they could charge in US Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah, therefore we deal with both currencies

For orders over USD 20,000 / Rp 300,000,000 our fee is 5%

For orders less than USD 20,000 / Rp 300,000,000 our fee is fixed at USD 1,000 / Rp 15,000,000.

This is subject to the goods being manufactured in one location

If the goods are made in different locations we do charge extra due to the extra time and costs in travelling to the different locations to quality control the goods. This cost therefore mainly depends on how far apart the locations are.

If you want us to control all the payments to the suppliers deposits and final balances. We have to pay tax to the Indonesian government on the money recieved. The current rate is 0.5%  This cost has to be paid by you.

The big difference and saving is you are paying just to us, and as a result you dont get the headache of paying to multiple suppliers, or the cost of multiple bank transfers.

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