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Home Decor and Furniture Bespoke manufacturers in Bali Jepara Java.

Custom made furniture manufacturers Indonesia – If you are looking for special or custom-made products then we can design & manufacture a large variety of different products for you, in an assortment of different raw materials and styles. 

Custom made furniture bali java indonesia

At Zenddu we have in-house design skills and we work with some of the best craftsmen from Indonesia. 

They are highly skilled and use traditional methods of production, with attention to detail and techniques and skills which are passed down through the generations. 

 As a result, we can make your concept and visions become a reality.

Custom made furniture from bali Jepara Java Indoensia




How about an egg intricately painted?


A cows skull carved? 


A full-size Bugatti Veyron made from teak? 


A brass dome for a mosque? 


Or a 30m high Octopus made from bamboo?




Thought we were joking?

Custom made furniture and decor bali jepara java indonesia

Custom and Bespoke Products – What else can your imagination come up with?

As a business we are very design focusedWhether you are developing new products for a project or to re-sell.  

When you ask someone… “Do you like it? We don’t want them to say “yes” or “no”.

We want them to say…



Lets create some WOW! together

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