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Furniture quality control services bali java jepara indonesia

Quality control inspections in Bali and Java Indonesia

Indonesian Buying Services Quality control Bali Java Indonesia

Furniture quality control inspection Indonesia 

If you buy directly yourself you can run into trouble.

Yes, unfortunately, there can be problems.

When you’re based 1000’s of miles away in another country, when problems happen, they are difficult to sort out.

Wrong goods sent, wrong quantities, wrong specification, poor quality goods, late deliveries, deposits paid and no goods sent,
language problems, factories saying yes, but can’t deliver on their promises.


We perform a full quality inspection by our own quality control staff on all orders.

As a western owned business, your quality and reliability expectations we understand. Giving you confidence in knowing your interests in Indonesia are covered.

Factory inspection service and report indonesia

We have a database of 1000’s of Indonesian furniture, lighting and handicraft suppliers.

We trust only around 5 to 10% of companies enough to place an order, and know we will receive what we ordered, with everything being on time and to the right quality. The rest we have to control. 


Pre-check the correct raw materials, quantities, specifications are as per your order before manufacture.

Then, a full inspection of the goods to check that the specification and quality are satisfactory including moisture control testing of all wooden products.

Our quality control engineers work to very high quality standards, any goods rejected are reworked until we achieve a 100% pass.

However, if a product can not be fixed, we will contact you immediately to advise you. We can decide together what the next best course of action.

When we are satisfied that the order is acceptable, we will advise you and send you photographs of the goods before and after packaging.

wood moisture testing

Some of our quality control inspectors.

Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Buying Agent Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Our staff perming QC inspection
Quality control
Packing of products

Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara – For more information about of Quality control services.


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