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Quality control inspections in Bali and Central Java Indonesia

Furniture quality control inspection Indonesia 

If you buy directly yourself you can run into trouble.

Yes, unfortunately, there can be problems.

When you’re based 1000’s of miles away in another country, when problems happen, they are therefore difficult to sort out and of course stressing.

For example, wrong goods sent, wrong quantities, wrong specification, poor quality goods, late deliveries, deposits paid and no goods sent, language problems, factories saying yes, but can’t deliver on their promises.

Furniture quality control services bali jepara java indonesia


Being a British run company, with over 25 years experience in the global furniture market, so of course we fully understand your quality and reliability expectations. 

There are no language problems, in addition we have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian marketplace. Giving you full confidence your interests in Indonesia are covered. 

Zenddu European management team


wood moisture testing

We perform a full quality inspection by our own QC staff on all products.

Our quality control staff are fully trained as well as having many years of experience

Indonesian Buying Services Quality control Bali Java Indonesia
  • We need you to provide a spreadsheet which includes a photograph of the product, it’s code number or name, the quantity you have ordered and any special instructions for each products to be inspected. One product per line, which our inspector can use.
  • A full inspection of all the goods to check that the specification, sizes, finishes a have been produced correctly to your order. We check for defects and wooden furniture we moisture control test.
  • Our quality control engineers work to very high quality standards, if goods can be fixed in the agreed timescale for the inspection, then any goods rejected are reworked until we achieve a 100% pass.
  • However, if a product can not be fixed, we will contact you immediately to advise you while our inspector is still there. You can decide if you want to extend the days they are there until the items have been fixed or leave. This timescale we never know as depends on how many rejects and how long the suppliers say it will take to fix.
  • We photograph and video all products close up and in groups so you can actually see the products. We photograph one item we passed in detail, so you can see the quality. Rejected products we photgraph all the problems so you can see exactly the issue. Which you can then make a decision on. 
  • We produce a report for you after the inspection. This includes confirming the quantities completed for each product, how many of each product passed the inspection, how many failed, how many were fixed and now passed and how many are still outstanding and are being reworked or replaced by the supplier.
Quality Control reports bali Jepara Java Indonesia


We charge USD 300 / IDR 4,300,000 per day for a full QC service. Our service is only available in Central Java and Bali. How many days it takes to do the QC all depends on the type of goods and quantities. If there is more than one supplier there is a travel cost between the suppliers. This cost depends on the time and distance it takes to travel from one to the other. 

Payment must be made before any inspection starts.


Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Buying Agent Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara
Our staff perming QC inspection
Quality control
Packing of products

Furniture Quality Control Services Indonesia Java Bali Jepara 


We also provide full buying and sourcing throughout Indonesia. 


We are also a trade supplier of products which we sell to trade buyers globally. Have have 10,000+ products you can find more information about this on the rest of our website.

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Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers Wholesale Suppliers
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