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Call or WhatsApp us today! +6281999920209 | Email [email protected]

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Do our products comply with international laws in your country?

Exporting from Indonesia – All countries have different laws, regulations and restrictions for products being imported and we don’t know the laws of foreign countries.

In the eyes of the law in your country, you are the importer, so you are responsible to make sure the goods comply with your countries regulations, not the manufacturer.

We can not be held responsible and It is for you to check with your governments appropriate departments to ensure all products being imported into the destination country by you conform to the import countries rules, regulations and laws.

Including any import licences required, import quota restrictions, restrictions on the import of any product.

Restricting imports of some or all products from a particular country of origin.

Any product type restrictions, any product size restrictions, any product material restrictions, specific safety regulations covering the products, ensure labelling and packaging meets legal requirements.

Check products do not infringe intellectual property rights within the import country, any import duties and taxes.

You MUST advise us in writing of any restrictions, regulations or standards required for the products relating to importing to your destination country before placing an order.

Any loss, claims, costs or seizure of products incurred due to products which do not comply to the laws and regulations of the country the products are being imported too. Are at your risk and not our fault.

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