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Tropical property ideas and inspiration from Bali.

Even the most creative people and experienced trade buyers, sometimes draw a blank and need inspiration, to either create new ideas or decide which products to buy next. 

We have put together a collection of stunning exotic tropical property ideas and products for your inspiration.

enjoy tropical properties from Bali
Zenddu Lookbook of beautiful tropical properties

Tropical interior design can include many natural materials, like water hyacinth, seagrass, rattan, bamboo and teak. Light and breezy spaces are often achieved with white or sea blue walls and cream linen curtains, batik scatter cushions and potted palms in rustic stone planters mixed with plenty of rattan and teak furniture.

The first area is the entrance hallway. A potted palm, a console with buddha statue and exotic accessories including a large natural fiber mirror and a huge rattan pendant light will set the vacation theme. 

Many tropical features can easily be integrated into the living space. Let’s start with the natural elements, like a seagrass rug and a woven macrame pendant lamp. Keep the space shaded from  the midday tropical sun with exotic bamboo blinds.

The tropical dining space normally alfresco is fresh and breezy, often with suar wood slab table top dining tables mixed with metal, teak or rattan dining chairs sitting beautifully into any tropical dining space.

There is nothing more heavenly, than soaking in a large river-stone bathtub looking up at the tropical sky, surrounded by tropical palms and flowers, with the smell of bath salts in the air and your favorite wine in your hand. 

Feeling Inspired by these tropical properties?

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