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How to use our catalogue

From our main website you can access our catalogue in the future by clicking on Log In, and entering the password zenddu123


You can navigate through all of our products categories, look for products in a certain style or material, by using the menu at the top of the page



When you are in a Product Category page you can filter the products by clicking on the tags.




Here you can see our latest products.



The best sellers page shows around 1200 of our best selling products



The PDF Catalogue section contains hundreds of PDF Catalogues of most of our products which you can download.



When you have found products you like, head over to Prices and open the Get A Quote Form. Here you can request a quotation for the products you are interested in to be sent to your email.

Copy and paste the product code number into the form. Quotations normally take around 3 – 5 working days to be processed. The quote will have the products standard size and specification.


Custom Products: If you are looking for custom made  products complete the Custom Product Form in Prices.



Lots of products have options to choose from especially furniture. The options section shows all the available materials and finishes. Also, many products sizes can also be customised. Don’t worry about this yet, this can be discussed after the quote has been sent to you.


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This is a service which is only available to customers who have already placed an order and paid.

We offer marketing support to help you sell our products to your customers. This includes unbranded high-quality images of all of our products to use on your website, unbranded social media adverts, PDF Catalogues with your branding on them and thousands of lifestyle images of our products.


Looking for new products for your store or next project?

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