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REGENCY SUNNYGUARD SR10 FABRIC – Outdoor Fabric. Composition: 100% polyester. Usage: Indoor and Outdoor upholstery, Indoor and Outdoor Accessories. Our fabrics are subject to availability. Batch-to-batch variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerance. Some options may be subject to minimum quantities.

The technical specifications of the SunnyGuard SR10 Collection fabric are as follows:

Composition: 100% Polyester

Usage: Indoor and outdoor upholstery

Tensile Strength: Pass (BS EN ISO 13934-1:1999)

Tearing Resistance: Pass (BS EN ISO 13937-2)

Seam Slippage Resistance: Pass (BS 3320:1998)

Abrasion Resistance: 130,000 rubs (BS EN ISO 12947-2)

Pilling Resistance: Pass (BS EN ISO 12945-1)

Colour Fastness to Rubbing: Pass (BS EN ISO 105 x 12) – Dry and wet rubbing

Colour Fastness to Light: 6-7 (BS 1006 Bo2 Max B)

Water Repellant Resistance: Pass (BS EN 24920 Spray Test)

Flammability: Pass (BS 5852 part 1 Smouldering cigarette)


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