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About Zenddu furniture manufacturers wholesaler Indonesia
About Zenddu furniture manufacturers wholesaler Indonesia
Zenddu furniture suppliers from Bali

About Zenddu


About Zenddu – Our Principals & Ethos.

  1. Great customer service.
  2. High quality products.
  3. Great product design.
  4. Fair trade with our sub-contract craftsmen.
  5. Caring about the environment.
  6. Helping others in the community we live in.

We dare to be different we believe above all great design, quality & service is most important and consequently will mean great business for everyone.

We are a Indonesian furniture supplier, born in Bali in 2018

With such a large range of furniture and lifestyle products you certainly will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking to create great tropical interiors as well as gardens, you can select from our range and of course we do custom-products too.

There’s something to everyone!.


Highly skilled craftsmen from Bali and Java Indonesia
Highly skilled craftsmen from Bali and Java Indonesia

Partnering with local craftsmen


We partner with 1000’s of craftsmen and together we design, develop and manufacture a lot of unique products, giving you lots to choose from. The skilled craftsmen in Bali and Java Indonesia are widely sought after for their attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship.

We have the skills to make many custom-made product for you. therefore if it’s made in Indonesia, then we can probably supply it to you.

Our craftsmen are located throughout Indonesia however, most of them are located in Java

About Zenddu helping the community
About Zenddu helping the community

Helping the community


Zenddu is not your typical Indonesian furniture manufacturer & wholesale supplier, in fact, we are a social & community-minded business.


For this reason, wdonate part of our profits to worthy causes.

Zenddu eco friendly

Environmentally responsible


Whether our craftsmen are trekking through the jungles searching for rattan and bamboo.

Climbing up volcanoes to collect volcanic rock, and then beach-combing for driftwood as well as harvesting seagrass from the ocean bed.

We always strongly encourage all of our producers to be environmentally responsible. 

Indonesian furniture wholesale supplying buyers from around the world
Indonesian furniture wholesale supplying buyers from around the world

Management Team


As a British run company, we fully understand your quality and reliability expectations. 

With our knowledge of the marketplace combined with no language problems, you will have confidence that your interests in Indonesia are covered.

 Our customers are mainly retailers, architects, interior designers, hotels & villas and fashion brands.

 We have customers in West & East Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Australia, and South-East Asia. 

There are many exciting additions we can add to your current range, because of this we can give you a constant supply of new products from Indonesia. We are also continuously growing our product range, so you will never be short of new products, and we are always developing new ranges for the future.

So, if you want to create a tropical paradise, look no further. If you are looking for something that’s truly tropical, we have the answer. Our products are made from the best quality materials and guaranteed to bring that tropical feel to any interior or garden.

We are proud of our heritage as a global furniture supplier, and we know that you will appreciate our commitment to quality, as well as to fair trade and the environment. By working closely with you, we can know more about your business and understand exactly what you’re looking for. Ultimately, becoming an extension of your own buying process. 

Furniture sourcing Indonesia. We can help you find the best furniture. Lets work together to build a long lasting business relationship!

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