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Complete Guide to Teak Wood Furniture: Indoor and Outdoor

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Everything to Know about Teak


Are you looking for high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture? Teak wood (known as tectona grandis) should be at the top of your list.

This comprehensive guide to teak wood furniture will help you discover the value of teak. This incredible hardwood is luxurious yet virtually indestructible. Ideal for indoors and any patio, poolside, or outdoor living area.

At Zenddu, our teak collections showcase the unmatched characteristics of premium plantation teak. Which is ethically sourced wood. With rich golden-brown hues and tight grain patterns. Teak has exceptional natural defenses against weather, rot, and pests. Teak is highly durable and outperforms other woods in every way.

The Best Guide To Teak Wood
The Best Guide To Teak Wood

Discover the Beauty and Durability of teak: Guide to Teak Wood Furniture

This is a simple and easy guide. After reading, you will understand all about teak wood.

Why Teak is the Ideal Choice for Outdoor Furniture

The reasons teak is good for outdoor furniture


Teak is highly resilient. It’s also a renewable resource when it’s sourced from properly managed teak plantations. With FSC and SVLK-certified teak lumber. You can enjoy beautiful furnishings while preserving these precious resources for future generations.

Teak’s unique properties make it suited for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • It’s an incredibly dense wood. Which is more durable than oak, cedar, or other outdoor furniture materials.
  • High natural oil content creates unmatched resistance to moisture, pests, rot, and decay
  • Tight, straight grain of the wood and minimal wood movement over time
  • Develops an elegant silvery-gray patina when left unfinished outdoors
Why Teak is the Ideal Choice for Outdoor Furniture
Why Teak is the Ideal Choice for Outdoor Furniture

Experience Handcrafted teak furniture made by experts.

At Zenddu, our team has spent years mastering traditional woodworking techniques to create showstopping teak furniture collections…

Unmatched Properties of 100% Authentic Teak Wood

The Properties of Teak wood


One of the first things that catches the eye about teak is its beautiful grain pattern. The tight, straight grain has a distinctive ribbon-like appearance. Ranging from golden honey browns to deeper antique patinas. As teak ages, these rich hues only become more pronounced and elegant.

Teak is known as “The Kings of woods”

Properties of Teak Wood
Properties of Teak Wood

THE ORIGINS OF TEAK: A Journey Through Time

The History of Teak


Teak (Tectona grandis) is a tropical hardwood species primarily grown across Southeast Asia. The largest volumes are coming from Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Myanmar. It is also found in certain parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Asian teak is prized for its exceptional quality.

This made it a valuable material for early civilizations.

Shipbuilding: Around 2,000 years ago, with teak’s strength and resistance to rot. This made it ideal for constructing ships, as it could withstand the harsh sea conditions.

Construction: Teak’s impressive lifespan and resistance to insects. This led to its use in building palaces, temples, and other important structures.

As trade routes flourished around the world, the demand for teak increased. The British Empire recognized its value. They started using teak for their naval fleets.

You can find out more about the history of teak here.

History and Origins of Teak Wood A Journey Through Time
History and Origins of Teak Wood A Journey Through Time

What is an SVLK Wood Certificate?

Sistem Verifikasi Legal Kayu (SVLK), or Timber Legality Assurance Standard (TLAS). Is the Indonesian government’s timber certification. It is also known in Indonesia as a V-legal certificate.

The certificate ensures that all teak is grown ethically and from sustainable sources. All wood product exporters from Indonesia need SVLK verification.

The SVLK assures the market in the EU, USA, Australia, and other countries. It guarantees and identifies that the wood harvested was from legal sources. And not from illegal logging.


SVLK New Logo
SVLK New Logo

Teak Sourcing: Where it grows

Locations of Teak Wood in Indonesia


The superior performance of teak furniture starts with how the wood is sourced. At Zenddu, we take great care to ensure our teak comes from responsible suppliers.

Where Teak Grows in Indonesia

Java: Java is the main region for teak plantations in Indonesia. The island has teak forests in the eastern and western regions. Stretching from Banyuwangi in East Java to Sukabumi in West Java.

Other Islands:

Muna Island (Southeast Sulawesi): Muna Island produces high-quality teak. It adapts well to different climatic conditions.

Sumatra, Kalimantan (Borneo): These islands teak is not as widespread as in Java and Muna.

The Indonesian government has implemented regulations to protect and manage teak forests. This includes measures to combat illegal logging and promote responsible forestry practices.

There will be slight variations in color and texture for each region.

Teak Wood in Indonesia Where it grows
Teak Wood in Indonesia Where it grows

Plantation-Grown vs. Reclaimed vs. Non-Controlled Teak

There are three main sources for obtaining teak wood. Modern SVLK plantations, reclaimed teak, and non-controlled trees.

SVLK: Government Controlled Plantation Teak

  • Grown sustainably by government-controlled plantations, part of the governments SVLK system
  • Care for the trees to prevent diseases with the best quality soil and fertilizers
  • New trees are planted every time a tree is harvested
  • Trees are harvested in 15 to 25-year rotations when mature
  • Lighter, more uniform golden brown color
  • Straighter grains with minimal variations
  • Highest Quality

Reclaimed Teak

  • Reclaimed from old buildings, boats and other structures, etc. Teak can be 100+ years old
  • Denser wood with more pronounced grain patterns
  • Richer colors, from deep honey to antique brown tones
  • Greater potential for unique character marks like knots, dents, holes, and nail holes.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be more expensive than SVLK teak as it is harder to find.

Non-controlled Teak (Jati Kampung)

  • Grown in villages by private individuals or from other non-government-controlled land or forest. Not part of the SVLK system
  • It grows uncared for in its natural habitat.
  • Once the trees are harvested, the land can be repurposed for different uses. Such as livestock, buildings, etc. Adding to the problem of deforestation.
  • Trees are harvested after around 10 years
  • More varied grain and colour due to a lack of maintenance and care during growth.
  • The trees are outside of the government-controlled system. Illegal logging would fall into this category.
  • Illegal to export
  • Lower Quality
Teak wood tree growth

Non-controlled Teak: Why you should not buy it

Non-controlled Teak

Don't buy it

Jati Kampung teak is a lot cheaper than government-controlled teak. But it is not part of the government’s SVLK program.

Its mainly used for selling cheap furniture to the local market. These types of manufacturers usually don’t make products of export quality.

Do not buy furniture made of non-controlled Jati Kampung wood.

It could be from illegal logging that causes deforestation.

You could be harming the environment!

You will have export problems. You can’t get the SLVK wood certificates required to export. Indonesian customs will seize and destroy the products. 

What is Jati Kampung and why should you not buy it
What is Jati Kampung and why should you not buy it

“Jati kampung” is an Indonesian phrase that translates to “village teak” or “rural teak.” It refers to teak trees that are not grown on government-controlled plantations. But rather on smaller, private land in villages. It may also be from illegal logging.

Here’s a breakdown of the individual words:

Jati: This word translates to “teak” in Indonesian.

Kampung: This word refers to a village or rural community.

In our experience, most Jati Kampung is grown by people using their own land. This adds income to the local economy. But be aware of the friendly, smiling face of a small furniture manufacturer. Who tells you the story of how it was grown on his brother’s land in the village? We’ve been told the story so many times…

It may not be the truth. This is a way to get illegal logging into the mainstream market.

You will have to make your own decisions on this.

Note: Zenddu’s wood comes from government-controlled plantations. It comes with an SVLK (v-legal) certificate.

What are the different grades and qualities of teak?

Not all Teak is Equal


There are three main grades of teak wood:

A, B and C grades.

There is a big difference in quality and price.

These grades only refer to SVLK Teak.  With non-controlled teak there is no grade system. It just grows naturally in the wild.

Teak is graded based on the presence of natural characteristics like knots, grains, and color variations.

At Zenddu, we select only premium Grade A and B teak logs cultivated from reputable plantations or reliable sources of teak. This ensures our furniture showcases teak’s trademark beauty while upholding the structural integrity expected from this incredibly durable wood species.

What Are The Grades of Teak
What Are The Grades of Teak

Grade A Teak:

 This is the highest quality and most expensive grade of teak. It is also known as first-grade teak or premium teak. Grade A teak is from the heartwood of mature teak trees that are over 20 years old.

It has a uniform, golden-brown colour, a close and straight grain, and a high oil content. This makes it durable, weather-resistant, and resistant to rot and insects.

Grade A teak wood is known as the best choice for high-end furniture and boat decks. Where both beauty and durability are important. Grade A is a popular choice for outdoor furniture.

Grade B Teak:

This is a mid-grade teak that is less expensive than a Grade A teak. It is from the outer heartwood of teak trees. It has more colour variation and a wider grain than Grade A teak.

It is still a very durable and weather-resistant wood. It’s fine for both indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring, and building materials.

Grade C Teak:

This is the lowest grade of teak and is also the cheapest. We don’t recommend grade C and never use it in our production. Made from the sapwood of teak trees and is not as durable or weather-resistant as Grade A or B teak. It is also more prone to warping and cracking. Grade C teak is not recommended for furniture. Lower grades like this are more suited for general construction rather than fine furniture craftsmanship. It is suitable for making crates or pallets.

Note: At Zenddu, we only use the highest quality teak. We use grade A and B teak for all our products. If other suppliers have significantly cheaper furniture prices, they could be using grade C or Jati Kampung and not telling you.

Sustainable Forestry Practices & Certification

No matter whether we use SVLK or reclaimed teak. Zenddu prioritizes teak sourced only from suppliers adhering to strict forest management principles. Using suppliers with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SVLK (Indonesian Legal Wood) certification.

Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just good for the planet. It ensures our customers receive teak furniture crafted from ethically-harvested, premium wood supplies.

Next, we’ll explore Zenddu’s time-honored construction methods…

Zenddu's Teak Craftsmanship and Construction

Traditional Joinery and Assembly


Traditional Joinery and Assembly Techniques

Our team of skilled teak artisans takes pride in using traditional woodworking methods. Our production is labor-intensive; we don’t mass-produce products. We make them by hand.

  • Joints are sturdy, precise wood-on-wood construction
  • Combining hand-carved components.

Hand Finishing Teak with Oils and Sealers

Each piece of solid teak wood furniture from Zenddu is hand-finished. Its either hand-rubbed with oil or sprayed with a clear matte sealer. This is to protect the wood and  highlight teak’s luxurious colors and grains. Our proprietary finishing process uses:

  • Pure tung oil for rich golden hues on new teak pieces
  • Teak sealer to maintain the beauty.
  • Marine-grade acrylic matte varnish for added protection on outdoor collections

Our fine furniture construction and detailed craftsmanship ensure premium teak furniture from Zenddu.

Furniture Manufacturing Using Teak
Furniture Manufacturing Using Teak

Why Kiln Dry Teak?

Proper Seasoning and Kiln-Drying Process

The first step with the new teak is to properly kiln-dry the premium teak lumber. At Zenddu, we adhere to a meticulous drying process to achieve the ideal 8–10% moisture content. Properly seasoned and cured teak is dimensionally stable.

Kiln drying is an essential step in preparing teak for premium furniture manufacturing. The controlled drying process prevents future issues. Including warping, cracking, and instability that can occur with improper air drying. Here are some key reasons why kiln-drying teak is so crucial:

Prevents Warping and Cracking: Undried teak contains significant amounts of internal moisture. If allowed to air dry naturally, this moisture escapes unevenly. This causes the wood to warp, twist, cup, or develop surface cracks. Rendering it unusable for fine woodworking.

Enhances Dimensional Stability: The kiln drying process removes excess moisture from teak. This enhances the wood’s dimensional stability, minimizing any risk of warping. It helps with uncontrolled swelling and shrinkage after manufacturing.

Improves Workability: Kiln-dried teak wood machines and works smoother compared to wet wood. It cuts cleaner, requires less labor-intensive sanding, and accepts joinery better. It allows for a finer finished surface.

Reduces Fungal Growth Risk: Any residual moisture in wood can lead to mold, mildew, or fungal decay. over time. Kiln-drying teak removes this moisture content. Reducing the risk of fungal issues and protecting the wood’s integrity long-term.

The Kiln Drying Process: This involves placing rough-sawn teak in a controlled chamber. The temperature, humidity, and airflow are carefully monitored and adjusted throughout the process. It typically involves these key stages:

Initial Conditioning: The wood is slowly dried at moderate temperatures. To avoid case-hardening or honeycomb drying damage.

Drying Phase: Temperature and humidity levels are decreased in steps. Allowing the teak to release its moisture at a measured, uniform rate.

Stress Relief: Once target moisture levels are reached. A final conditioning phase helps relieve any residual drying stresses in the wood.

Only through this meticulous kiln drying process. Can teak achieve the stability, workability, and longevity required for exceptional furniture craftsmanship.

Kiln-Dried Teak vs. Air-Dried Teak

Air drying is a traditional method for drying wood. It can be much slower and less effective compared to kiln drying. Air-dried teak may take months or even years to reach the desired moisture content. The final product may be more susceptible to warping and cracking due to the uneven drying.

Kiln drying is the preferred method. Ensuring the quality, stability, and longevity of teak wood. Its important to understand the benefits and why we kiln-dry our furniture.

Many suppliers only air- or sun-dry the wood, as it is a much cheaper process. In fact, it’s free! They will tell you it is okay, but it is not. 

Indonesia is a tropical country with high rainfall and humidity all year round. Air-drying will not dry the wood properly. This results in problems with splitting and cracking.

Note: The teak we use in our furniture production is always kiln-dried. Plus, we only use grade A and B teak from SVLK sources.

If a supplier uses Jati Kampung or grade C teak and leaves it outside to air or sun-dry. The furniture will be a lot cheaper than ours. Now you know the reason why!. But more importantly, it will be of inferior quality and illegal to export.

Our Teak Finishes

We have a range of different finishes for teak wood. These range from hand-teak-oiled finishes to painted finishes.

The most popular finish we offer is a clear matte finish. This finish is loved by our customers, from around the world. It gives a natural teak finish.

Here are a few examples of our finishes.

Teak Wood Clear Matt
Teak Oil
Dark Brown

Teak wood Furniture for Indoors and Outdoors

Zenddu’s craftsmen build timeless teak furniture pieces to elevate your living spaces. For both inside and out. Our premium teak collections combine the beauty of the wood with a variety of styles. We specialize in modern tropical designs.

Here are a few examples of our teak products.

Teak Living Room and Lounge Collections

Our furniture brings the warmth and elegance of luxurious teak wood into any living room. From plush teak sofas and armchairs to solid teak coffee and occasional tables. These pieces will become the centerpieces of your family room, hotel foyer, or accent furniture for bedrooms.

Teak Aceent Chair P103 0201 0052
Teak Aceent Chair P103 0201 0040
Teak Aceent Chair P103 0201 0047
Teak Aceent Chair P103 0201 0037
Teak Armchair P103 0301 0113
Teak Armchair P103 0301 0121
Teak Armchair P103 0301 0137
Teak Armchair P103 0301 0115
Teak Sofa P103 0303 0019
Teak Sofa P103 0303 0011
Teak Sofa P103 0303 0002
Teak Sofa P302 0007 0016
Teak Cabinet P103 0103 0049
Teak Cabinet P103 0103 0033
Teak Cabinet P103 0103 0016
Teak Cabinet P103 0103 0068
Teak Acent tables P103 0203 0093
Teak Acent tables P103 0202 0140
Teak Acent tables P103 0202 0108
Teak Acent tables P103 0203 0096
Teak Console table P103 0204 0024
Teak Console table P103 0204 0013
Teak Console table P103 0204 0011
Teak Console table P103 0204 0041

Teak Dining Room and Restaurant Collections

Gather around the table for memorable meals with friends and family. Zenddu’s solid teak dining furniture adds sophistication. It’s perfect for a formal or casual dining experience. Choose from rectangular tables, round pedestal styles, chairs, cabinets, and more.

Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0079
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0077
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0034
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0026
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0023
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0022
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0021
Teak Dining Chair P104 0105 0087
Teak Bar Stool P104 0101 0048
Teak Bar Stool P104 0101 0034
Teak Bar Stool P104 0101 0033
Teak Bar Stool P104 0101 0051
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0196
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0001
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0002
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0003
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0015
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0041
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0048
Teak Dining Table P104 0106 0128
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0108 0115
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0104 0012
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0108 0028
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0108 0097
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0108 0095
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0108 0113
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0104 0015
Teak Dining Cabinet P104 0104 0017

Teak Bedroom Collections

Our bedroom furniture brings luxury to any bedroom. From bedside cabinets and wardrobes to bed frames and four-poster beds,. Perfect for hotels, villas, and homes.

Teak Bed Frame P102 0101 0081
Teak Bed Frame P102 0101 0002
Teak Bed Frame P102 0101 0013
Teak Bed Frame P102 0101 0021
Teak Canopy Bed P102 0103 0004
Teak Canopy Bed P102 0103 0008
Teak Canopy Bed P102 0103 0005
Teak Canopy Bed P102 0103 0007
Teak Bedside Cabinet P102 0102 0028
Teak Bedside Cabinet P102 0102 0024
Teak Bedside Cabinet P102 0102 0022
Teak Bedside Cabinet P102 0102 0032
Teak Chest of Drawers P102 0104 0023
Teak Chest of Drawers P102 0104 0019
Teak Chest of Drawers P102 0104 0011
Teak Chest of Drawers P102 0104 0032
Teak Wardrobes P102 0107 0030
Teak Wardrobes P102 0107 0025
Teak Wardrobes P102 0107 0009
Teak Wardrobes P102 0107 0048

Outdoor Teak Sofa and Dining Collections

Our teak outdoor furniture collections bring all-weather elegance to any area. Whether it is a home patio or a hotel’s poolside oasis. Combining our teak sofas and armchairs with weather-resistant fabrics. A large range of outdoor dining furniture is available for alfresco dining. Creates the ultimate outdoor living and dining spaces.

Teak Outdoor Bar Stool P301 0001 0004
Teak Outdoor Dining Chair P301 0004 0016
Teak Outdoor Dining Chair P301 0004 0001
Teak Outdoor Dining Chair P301 0004 0010
Teak Outdoor Dining Chair P301 0004 0014
Teak Outdoor Dining Chair P301 0004 0034
Teak Outdoor Accent Chair P302 0002 0015
Teak Outdoor Accent Chair P302 0002 0001
Teak Outdoor Accent Chair P302 0002 0019
Teak Outdoor Arm Chair P302 0004 0002
Teak Outdoor Arm Chair P302 0004 0001
Teak Outdoor Daybed P302 0005 0025
Teak Outdoor Daybed P302 0005 0002
Teak Outdoor Daybed P302 0005 0003
Teak Garden Bench P302 0001 0035
Teak Garden Bench P302 0001 0005
Teak Garden Bench P302 0001 0038
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0017
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0003
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0005
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0006
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0008
Teak Outdoor Sofa P302 0007 0011
Teak Sun Lounger P303 0003 0011
Teak Sun Lounger P303 0003 0009
Teak Sun Lounger P303 0003 0005
Teak Sun Lounger P303 0003 0003
Teak Sun Lounger P303 0003 0044

Other Teak Decor Pieces

Complete your indoor or outdoor look with our beautiful teak accent pieces. Including benches, planters, wall art, ornaments, and more. These high quality teak decor items add natural warmth and character.

P207 0006 0036
P207 0003 0074
P207 0003 0061
P207 0003 0057
P206 0005 0033
P206 0005 0004
P204 0006 0001
P204 0002 0002
P204 0001 0010
P203 0007 0089
P203 0007 0074
P203 0001 0046
P203 0001 0019
P202 0012 0032
P202 0012 0001
P202 0009 0004
P105 0201 0034
P105 0201 0013
P101 0215 0004
P101 0215 0017
P101 0214 0002