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Properties of teak wood: A Definitive Guide to this hardwood and its wood characteristics

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What is Indonesian teak wood?

Indonesian teak wood, scientifically known as Tectona grandis. It is a prestigious tropical hardwood species, grown in lush rainforests in Indonesia.

The unique properties and quality of teak from Indonesia. Are the gold standard for fine furniture making.

So what makes Indonesian teak stand apart?

In all honesty, it boils down to the wood’s incomparable natural strengths. From unbeatable hardness and durability, to resilient weathering abilities and distinctive warmth.

With Indonesian teak’s proven qualities, you can invest in genuine teak. For both outdoor furniture and indoor teak furniture pieces from Zenddu. 

Properties of Teak Wood Characteristics and Specifications
Properties of Teak Wood Characteristics and Specifications

The Ultimate Guide to the Unique characteristics of teak wood Properties

This is a simple and easy guide. After reading, you will understand all about the properties of teak wood. 

Let’s take a closer look at what gives this wood its unrivaled performance.

The Distinct Physical Characteristics of Indonesian Teak

What sets teak furniture apart?


When it comes to identifying top-quality teak wood. Its physical traits are a dead giveaway of its superior properties.

Indonesian teak stands apart with unique characteristics. Evident in its appearance, hardness, density, and weight.

Appearance: A Warm, Luxurious Look

One of the most distinguishing features of Indonesian teak is its gorgeous warm brown color, ranging from golden honey to rich nutty hues. The wood’s straight, dense grain pattern has an inherent elegant look.

Compared to other wood species, teak’s fine texture results in a luxurious, naturally polished feel. Ideal for fine furniture-making.

The Distinct Physical Characteristics of Indonesian Teak
The Distinct Physical Characteristics of Indonesian Teak

Hardness: Among the Most Durable Woods

When referring to hardness ratings on the Janka scale. Genuine Indonesian teak ranks exceptionally high at 1070 lbf (4,760 N). This measurement indicates just how incredibly hard and durable teak’s dense hardwood is. Its hardness is closer to maple (1450 lbf) than the markedly softer oak (1360 lbf), exemplifying teak’s robust qualities.

High Density: That Delivers Strength

Indonesian teak’s density of around 670 kg/m³ once dried gives it substantial weight and solidity. This high density also contributes to the wood’s:

  • Exceptional dimensional stability to resist warping and shrinkage
  • Superior overall strength for structural integrity
  • Ability to endure significant wear and tear over time


The physical makeup and tight grains of Indonesian teak make it one of the most robust and hard-wearing furniture woods available. When properly treated, its density delivers longevity that lasts decades, if not centuries.

Ideal Working Properties for Furniture Makers

The Properties of Teak wood


Beyond its distinguished looks and solidity. Indonesian teak also possesses excellent working properties. That makes it a dream wood for furniture artisans and manufacturers like Zenddu. From solid workability to superb finishing traits, this wood excels.

Smooth Workability for Crafting and Carving

While teak is an incredibly hard and dense wood, it still maintains good workability for:

  • Sawing, cutting and turning with moderate blunting effects on tooling
  • Shaping, planing and carving with its generally straight grain pattern
  • Polishing and finishing to a beautifully smooth surface

These workability factors are why Indonesian teak has been so revered by skilled woodmakers. Its properties allow for intricate teak carvings and the shaping of complex designs.

Properties of Teak Wood
Properties of Teak Wood

Excellent Finishing Abilities

In addition to being easy to work on, genuine Indonesian teak also exhibits superior finishing properties:

Ability to take stains and polishes very well for rich coloring. Tight grain minimizes raised wood fibers when finished, and teak wood oil finishes nicely to enhance the warm patina.

So not only can teak be finely crafted into beautiful pieces, but it can achieve a luxurious, professional-grade finish seamlessly.

Dimensionally Stable and Consistent

Another ideal working trait is Indonesian teak’s high-dimensional stability. Once properly dried, teak has very low shrinkage and expansion rates compared to other woods. This stability allows teak furniture to:

  • Withstand humidity changes without warping
  • Maintain structural integrity over years of use
  • Provide consistent, reliable workability for manufacturing

Teak’s stability and workability make it a clear preference for Zenddu’s production of both indoor and outdoor furniture lined up precisely.

Teaks Growth and Size

Towering Presence: Teak trees are true giants. Reaching heights of up to 50m (150 feet) or even exceeding that mark in ideal conditions.

Moderate Growth Rate: Teak has a moderate growth rate. Ensuring the sustainability of forests for future generations. This responsible growth pattern contributes to the environmental friendliness of teak.

Unmatched Durability and Weather Resistance

Teak durability and weather resistance


One of the biggest reasons Indonesian teak is so highly prized is its incredible durability and ability to withstand outdoor conditions over the long term. This wood exhibits superior weathering abilities that make it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture and decorative pieces.

Built-In Resistance to Rot, Decay and Insects

Teak’s high natural durability comes from its unique properties:

  • Oily resins and extractives: Act as preservatives and repellents
  • High silica content: Makes teak less appealing to termites and pests
  • Dense structure: Tight grains prevent moisture penetration


Thanks to these natural qualities, Indonesian teak has an exceptional durability rating and is classified as a highly resistant wood.

So for any outdoor teak furniture or decorative pieces sourced from Zenddu, you can expect an incredibly long service life when properly cared for.

Our Indonesian teak has proven it can truly withstand the test of time outdoors.

Unveiling Teak's Character Traits that Make it a Furniture Favorite
Unveiling Teak's Character Traits that Make it a Furniture Favorite


The Properties of Teak wood


Teaks Physical Properties

  • Botanical Name: Tectona grandis
  • Indonesian Name: Jati
  • Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)
  • Average Tree Height: 30-40 meters (100-130 feet)
  • Trunk Diameter: 1-1.5 meters (3-5 feet)
  • Density: 650-670 kg/m³ (41-42 lbs/ft³) (air-dried)
  • Moisture Content (MC): 12% (ideal for furniture)
  • Janka Wood Hardness Scale: 1070 lbf (4740 N) (exceptionally hard)


Teaks Mechanical and Physical Properties

  • Bending Strength: 110 MPa (highly resistant to bending and warping)
  • Compressive Strength: 65 MPa (excellent resistance to compression)
  • Shear Strength: 8 MPa (strong resistance to shearing forces)


Teak Outdoor Furniture: Durability

  • Natural Oils: High content of natural oils. This provides resistance to moisture, rot, decay, and insects.
  • Dimensional Stability: Low shrinkage and swelling due to changes in humidity. Ensuring minimal warping and cracking.
  • Weather Resistance: Excellent resistance to weathering, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Teak Technical Specifications for the Discerning Buyer
Teak Technical Specifications for the Discerning Buyer

Why Choose Zenddu for Authentic Indonesian Teak

Why buy from Zenddu?

Premier supplier

With so many furniture makers and sources for teak wood, why put your trust in Zenddu? Here are a few key reasons our Indonesian teak pieces truly stand apart:

Ethically Sourced from Certified Plantations

  • We only use plantation-grown Indonesian teak from renewable sources
  • Plantations are certified by SVLK, for legal and sustainable practices
  • Supports responsible forestry management and conservation efforts


Teak Wood in Indonesia Where it grows
Teak Wood in Indonesia Where it grows

Crafted by Skilled Local Artists

  • Multi-generational woodworking families continue the teak carving legacy
  • Deep understanding of working teak wood’s unique properties
  • Extensive knowledge in teak oil and finish techniques for a flawless look


Comprehensive Quality Control

  • Each teak piece is meticulously inspected for density, grain, and workmanship
  • Strict adherence to proper drying and handling procedures
  • Rigorous kiln treatment and conditioning processes

Honest Pricing and Enduring Value

  • We offer fair, transparent pricing.
  • Investing in genuine Indonesian teak furniture provides decades of use
  • Heirloom-quality pieces increase in value and can be passed down

From sourcing to construction, we ensure every step prioritizes quality and authenticity. Our commitment to Indonesian teak’s heritage results in exquisite teak furniture to be treasured for generations.

Note: Zenddu’s wood comes from government-controlled plantations. It comes with an SVLK (v-legal) certificate.

Our Teak Finishes

We have a range of different finishes for teak wood. These range from hand-teak-oiled finishes to painted finishes.

The most popular finish we offer is a clear matte finish. This finish is loved by our customers, from around the world. It gives a natural teak finish.

Here are a few examples of our finishes.

Teak Wood Clear Matt
Teak Oil
Dark Brown


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