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Guide to Export and Shipping Documents, Procedures and Costs from Indonesia

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Export and shipping Documents


Knowing about export and shipping documents will ensure your shipment is exported and shipped smoothly. 

This guide will give you the information needed, from getting licenses, certificates and documents for export to overseeing the shipping from Indonesia.

export and shipping documents explained
export and shipping documents explained

Export and Shipping Documents, Procedures and Costs. Explained!

Please Note: As we supply goods on an ex-works basis. We are the seller of goods. We only supply a sales invoice.

We are not the exporter or shipper in the export process.

The freight forwarder we recommend can provide ALL of the documents, licenses, and certificates required to smoothly export the goods from Indonesia to your destination country.

All of the following documents MUST be provided by your shipper or freight forwarder.

Export Procedures, Documents and Costs. Explained!

Container Loading

This is the manpower cost to load the goods into a container.

Export License (Under Name)

If you don’t have an export license to export from Indonesia, the most commonly used process is to use the service of an undernamed company or to partner with our freight forwarder, who would provide the export license for you.

SVLK  Wood Verification Certificate (V-Legal)

The SVLK certification guarantees the legality and sustainability of wood products in Indonesia. Its aims are to stop illegal logging and develop responsible forests. This document is mandatory for all wooden export products from Indonesia.

Set by the Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry. It essentially acts as a traceability mechanism, meticulously tracking wood throughout the supply chain, from its origin in the forest to its final processed form.

Commercial Export Invoice 

This document is different from our sales invoice. The commercial invoice is part of the export process. This will be produced by our freight forwarder or shipper as part of the undername service. 

The commercial invoice is used as a customs declaration. It includes the goods being shipped, their value, and the quantities. This information on the invoice is essential to avoiding delays at customs. 

Packing List

Again, this document is supplied by the freight forwarder or shipper. The packing list is used by customs to know what goods are inside the container. It should include itemized descriptions of each product, the quantities, HS codes, and packaging details. 

Fumigation and Certificates: Standard and AQIS

Depending on the country the goods are being shipped to, the type of wood products, and any wood packaging used, fumigation may be a mandatory requirement. 

Fumigation kills any pests and insects in the container that could be harmful to the country. The type of fumigation required (standard or AQIS) is determined by the regulations of the destination country. 

Superdry in the Container

Certain goods are particularly susceptible to moisture damage during transport. To reduce this problem, desiccant packs (superdry) are added inside the container. They absorb any moisture from the air, reducing any damage to the goods from mold, mildew, and other moisture-related issues.

ISPM #15 Approval Stamps are added to any wooden packaging or pallets 

All wooden packaging used in international trade has to be treated and stamped to prevent the spread of harmful pests. This makes sure all wooden packaging materials used in your shipment comply with this standard. 

Phytosanitary Certificate

 If your shipment includes plants or plant grass products. A phytosanitary certificate may be required by the importing country. This certificate verifies that the plant materials being shipped are free from pests and insects. 

COO Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin (COO) is an official statement certifying the country where the goods were made. The COO is often required by customs in the destination country and can determine import duties and taxes.

Loading Goods onto the shipping vessel

This is the cost to load the container onto the shipping vessel. 

Container Seal Fee

The container seal fee is for sealing the container with a special seal. The seal ensures the goods are not tampered with. 

VGM: Verified Gross Mass of the container Fee

The verified gross weight of your container has to be declared before shipment. This weight is important to prevent the shipping container from being overloaded

Shipping Procedures, Documents and Costs. Explained

Courier Document Fee sent to Consignee

This fee is for the cost of sending the shipping documents (invoice, packing list, etc.) to you.

Terminal Handling Charges (THC) 

These are fees charged by shipping terminals for handling and managing containers before they’re loaded onto the container ship. These charges typically cover services like:

  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Moving and positioning containers within the terminal
  • Stacking containers for storage
  • Crane operation
  • General maintenance of containers while at the terminal.

Bill of Lading Fee

A Bill of Lading, known as a B/L, is an important document for international shipping. It has three uses:

Receipt: It’s a legal receipt issued by the shipping line acknowledging they’ve received goods from a shipper (exporter).

Contract: It outlines the terms and conditions of the shipment between the carrier and the shipper. This includes details like who is responsible for what in the event of damage or loss.

Document of Title: Whoever holds the original bill of lading is the legal owner of the goods. 

Freight Forwarder Admin Fee

This is a fee that may or may not be charged by the freight forwarder. It is usually for services outside their normal charges.

Channel Port Fee

The channel port fee is charged by a port authority to all ships entering their port. It covers the cost of maintaining the port, such as channels, lighting, and pilotage services. 

Ocean Freight Shipping Costs

The ocean freight cost is charged by the shipping line to transport your goods to the destination port.


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