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List of the Top 10 Countries: Teak Furniture Manufacturers. Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Market Size

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Which country is the biggest teak furniture Producer?


Global Leaders in Teak Furniture Craftsmanship

While teak originated in Southeast Asia. Its beauty and incredible durability have made teak furniture coveted worldwide. Several nations have risen as powerhouses within this luxury wood furnishings trade:

Here are the 10 largest commercial teak furniture manufacturing countries producing today:

Top 10 Countries Teak furniture manufactuers
Top 10 Countries Teak furniture manufactuers

Discover Which Countries Are Major Vendors in the Global Market for Teak Furniture

A map of the top ten teak furniture manufacturing countries in the world.

Teak's top teak furniture-producing countries. Teak Wood Export Markets

Here is a list of the top countries manufacturing teak furniture.

  1. Indonesia
  2. India
  3. Vietnam
  4. Thailand
  5. Myanmar
  6. Laos
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Brazil
  9. Ecuador
  10. Fiji

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1. Indonesia (Top Teak Furniture Manufacturer)

Global Leader

Indonesia reigns as the top global exporter. With teak furniture comprising a major portion of its total furniture exports annually. The nation offers an incredible range. From mass-produced, affordable pieces to high-end, handcrafted artisan furniture. Showcasing intricate carvings and joinery mastered over generations.

With provinces like Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan leading production. Indonesian teak manufacturers are particularly renowned for their outdoor teak furniture collections. Teak’s innate resistance to weather, moisture, and decay. Makes it ideally suited for long-lasting outdoor chairs, tables, benches, and decor.

As the global teak wood furniture market leader. Many Indonesian companies now prioritize responsible forestry management. Using certified sustainably sourced teak stocks. This ensures their crafted furnishings provide unmatched quality. Preserving this treasured hardwood for the long term.

Quality: Offers a range of qualities. From mass-produced, affordable options to high-end indoor and outdoor quality furniture. Handcrafted pieces known for intricate details and traditional techniques.

Volume: Top exporter with the largest market share. Teak furniture accounts for a major part of the total furniture export value.

Specialties: Known for garden and outdoor furniture due to teak’s natural weather resistance.

Main Locations: Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan

A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Indonesia

2. India (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

A Legacy of Teak Furniture Crafting

As the world’s top exporter of premium teak logs and lumber. India’s domestic furniture makers have mastered this material over thousands of years. Manufacturers across states like Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Use intricate techniques like hand-carving, marquetry inlays, and complex joinery construction.

.While reproduction styles are popular for furniture production. India’s most skilled artisan workshops focus on timeless traditional furniture designs. That showcase teak’s warmth and character. From ornately-carved opulent pieces to simple yet durable everyday furniture. India produces an incredible diversity of teak furnishings for all budgets.

However, illegal deforestation and sustainable forest management remain concerns. Many companies now use government-certified timber from responsibly-harvested plantations. This is to ensure their artistry can continue for future generations.

Quality: Offers a diverse range, from cheap to mid level furniture. With skilled artisans crafting pieces known for their durability and intricate designs.

Volume: Major exporter of teak wood globally. A large part is used for furniture-making.

Specialties: Renowned for traditional designs and techniques like hand-carving and marquetry.

Main Locations: Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in India

3. Vietnam (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

A Rising Star in Teak Furniture

Vietnam has rapidly emerged as a significant teak furniture exporter. Particularly appreciated for balancing good quality craftsmanship with competitive pricing. While historically known for reproductions. Vietnamese makers are gaining global fans through innovative contemporary and modern designs.

Manufacturers from provinces like Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. Blend influences from Vietnam’s artistic heritage with styles sought by today’s international market. A focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable forestry practices. Further elevates Vietnamese teak furnishings.

Quality: Generally, it offers good quality at competitive prices. With a growing focus on design and craftsmanship.

Volume: Rising exporter of furniture, with teak being a prominent material

Specialties: Known for modern and contemporary designs alongside traditional styles.

Main Locations: Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Vietnam

4. Thailand (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

Balancing Tradition and Modernity in Teak Furniture

As an established regional furniture center. Thailand produces distinctive teak pieces, combining time-honored aesthetics with functional modern living. Skilled artisans from the northwestern and upper central provinces incorporate intricate woodworking techniques. Including ornate carvings and joinery into their designs inspired by Thailand’s artistic legacies.

While rooted in custom heritage craft. Many Thai teak furniture makers increasingly explore contemporary, minimalist, and avant garde styles. This infusion of new creative energy brings Thailand’s export market renewed vibrancy. While honoring its rich legacy of cultural artistry in wood.

However, prioritizing sustainable forest management remains an area of focus. To ensure Thailand’s teak craft endures for generations to come.

Quality: Offers a good balance of quality and affordability. Skilled artisans create pieces known for their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Volume: Established furniture exporter, with teak being a popular material.

Specialties: Known for incorporating local design elements and intricate woodworking techniques.

Main Locations: Northwestern Thailand, Upper Central Thailand


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Thailand

5. Myanmar (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

A Legacy of Teak Furniture Facing Challenges

While once world-renowned for the quality of its skilled teak artisans. Ongoing political instability has disrupted Myanmar’s place in the global furniture trade. Even so, provinces like Bago, Mandalay, and Sagaing continue producing extraordinary woodworking mastery.

Teak furniture from Myanmar exhibits everything. From simple rustic designs to elaborately hand-carved works of ornate art. Artisans’ mastery of complex woodworking joinery and intricate surface embellishments. Make these hardwood treasures highly sought by connoisseurs. However, scarcity drives continually rising prices.

Regaining Myanmar’s status as a teak furniture leader. Will require addressing sustainable forestry practices and reopening reliable trade channels. With stricter regulations and environmental protections in place. Its legacy of teak craftsmanship. Could potentially reemerge for the world to appreciate once more.

Quality: Known for high quality. Offering furniture ranging from simple to ornate designs.

Volume: Teak production and export are significant contributors to the economy. Although political and economic situations can impact availability.

Specialties: Renowned for intricate carvings and traditional Burmese designs.

Main Locations: Bago Region, Sagaing Region, and Mandalay Region


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Myanmar

6. Laos (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

Emerging Player in Sustainable Teak Furniture

Laos is making its mark in the global teak furniture market. The industry focuses on offering good quality furniture at competitive prices. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

Laotian artisans, particularly in provinces like Xieng Khouang and Bolikhamsai. Often use traditional skills and techniques passed down through generations. Laos prioritizes ethical sourcing and focuses on using sustainable teak. Ensuring the industry contributes in a positive way to the environment.

Despite its promising future, the Laotian teak furniture industry still faces challenges. Limited production capacity and infrastructure are preventing growth. The industry needs to balance sustainability with continuous improvement in design.

Quality: Known for offering good quality at competitive prices. With a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Volume: Smaller exporter compared to others on this list. But with a growing teak furniture industry

Specialties: Often specializes in handcrafted furniture with unique local design elements.

Main Locations: Xieng Khouang Province, Bolikhamsai Province, Khammouane Province


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Laos

7. Costa Rica (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

Championing Sustainable Teak Furniture

Costa Rica, is a small producer of teak furniture. It prioritizes sustainable practices throughout the entire teak furniture manufacturing process.

Teak production in Costa Rica takes place in Guanacaste, Alajuela, and Puntarenas provinces. Skilled artisans in these regions often use traditional techniques. Creating high-quality, durable pieces. The furniture ranges from simple and functional designs to ornate and handcrafted items.

The Costa Rican teak furniture industry faces limitations. Its smaller scale has limited production capacity and higher costs.

Costa Rica’s dedication to sustainable practices positions it well for the future. By continuing to focus on environmental responsibility. Costa Rica’s teak furniture industry can lead in the eco-conscious furniture market.

Quality: Offers high-quality, sustainable sourced teak furniture, often crafted with traditional techniques.

Volume: a smaller player in the global market. Known for its commitment to sustainable teak plantation practices.

Specialties: focus on environmental production and responsible forestry practices.

Main Locations: Guanacaste Province, Alajuela Province, and Puntarenas Province


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Costa Rica

8. Brazil (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

A Growing Force in Teak Wooden Furniture

Brazil, with its extensive teak plantations. Has emerged as a significant player in the global teak furniture market. The industry uses teak wood from the Espírito Santo, Bahia, and Minas Gerais regions. Offering a range of qualities from mid-range to high-end.

Brazilian teak furniture manufacturers are incorporating modern and contemporary designs. into their pieces, catering to a wider global audience. This moves away from traditional styles. Allows them to compete in the international market.

Quality: Offers a range of qualities, from mid-range to high-end. skilled artisans producing furniture known for its durability and design.

Volume: Teak is a popular plantation wood used for furniture, with a growing export market.

Specialties: Known for incorporating modern and contemporary designs into their teak furniture.

Main Locations: Espírito Santo, Bahia, and Minas Gerais


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Brazil

9. Ecuador (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

Focusing on Quality Teak and Sustainability

Ecuador, is a smaller producer in the global teak furniture market. Known for its commitment to high-quality, sustainable sourced teak. This focus on environmental responsibility resonates with consumers seeking environmental furniture options. Teak production in Ecuador is in Manabí, Esmeraldas, and Los Ríos provinces. Plantations are managed with sustainable practices in mind.

Skilled artisans in these regions use traditional techniques to create handcrafted furniture pieces. The focus lies on durability and quality. Designs range from simple and functional to more ornate and handcrafted.

Despite its strengths, the Ecuadorian teak furniture industry faces limitations. Its small scale limits production capacity with higher costs. The industry needs to broaden its marketing reach. To further establish its unique value proposition in the global market.

Quality: Offers high-quality furniture crafted with traditional techniques and an emphasis on sustainability.

Volume: Smaller exporter but known for its high-quality, sustainable sourced teak.

Specialties: Focuses on sustainable practices and responsible sourcing of teak wood.

Main Locations: Manabí Province, Esmeraldas Province, Los Ríos Province


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Ecuador

10. Fiji (Teak Furniture Manufacturing)

Small-Scale Teak Furniture Supplier with Island Influence

Fiji, has a small-scale production. Catering to the local market and niche export opportunities. While the volume of production is low compared to other countries. Fiji’s teak furniture industry offers unique pieces. Influenced by local design elements and cultural traditions.

Teak production in Fiji is on the larger islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. Skilled artisans in these regions, often working in smaller workshops. . The influence of Fijian culture is often evident in the unique carvings.

The Fijian teak furniture industry faces challenges due to its limited scale. This means higher production costs compared to other countries. The industry needs to broaden its marketing reach. Despite these challenges, Fiji’s teak furniture industry holds potential for niche market growth. 

Quality: Offers good quality, handcrafted furniture. Influenced by local design elements and cultural traditions.

Volume: Small-scale teak furniture production. Often catering to the local market and niche export opportunities.

Specialties: Known for unique pieces with a strong Fijian identity.

Main Locations: Vanua Levu Island, Viti Levu Island


A Map of the main teak furniture manufacturing locations in Fiji

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