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Material - Acacia Wood Finishes

ACACIA WOOD FINISHES – Our Acacia wood finishes are subject to availability. Batch-to-batch variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerance. Some options may be subject to minimum quantities. Usage: Indoor and Outdoor Products. All furniture is v-legal certified and kiln-dried.

Wood Finishes Catalogue

ACACIA Wood Finishes

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact wood is a natural material variations will occur. Each product can have different natural markings, textures, and natural colour variations. This is all considered normal and adds to the beauty of the products and not considered a defect. 

Clear Matt Finish: An acrylic clear matt protective finish is applied over the wood. Due to the natural differences, grains, natural color variations, age, etc. of wood, the final color will vary slightly. Composition: Acrylic. 

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