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Furniture for Hospitality Projects - Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants. Made in Bali and Java in Indonesia

Furniture for hospitality projects


Furniture for hospitality projects from Indonesia – (Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and rental villas furniture & accessories) With all hospitality projects it’s all about creating a great user experience that visitors will love.

Get it right and your business will flourish with loyal customers returning, spreading the word to friends and family, posting pictures and comments on social media about the great time they had with you. 

Get it wrong and you’re dead! 

it doesnt matter whether you are a hotel, restaurant, or villa. The three most important factors of the visitors experience that will make or break you is, the ambience and look of the establishment, your service and your food and drink.  

When it comes to furniture for hospitality projects  (FF&E) Furniture Fittings and Equipment. It’s critical you get it right and make the right choices for your hotel furniture, restaurant furniture café or rental villa. 

Whether it’s a new establishment or a refurbishment. It’s important to keep in mind what types of furniture and furnishings you need, the overall style, look and feel of your establishment, the quantities of each item based on the space available, quality level, durability, and budget.  

Once you know what you need, you can start to look for furniture that fits your requirements.


Furniture for Hospitality Projects
Furniture for Hospitality Projects


Hotel and restaurant furniture suppliers


If your hospitality project is being run by an architect, interior designer, or you have your own in-house design department. Then most of the furniture specifications, quantities, styles etc will be specified by them. We can work together with them to suggest suitable products or custom make to their specifications. 

However, if you are working alone as an owner driver or have no experience of buying furniture for hospitality projects. Then Zenddu can work and consult with you through all the stages of the project.

Restaurant Furniture Suppliers made in Bali and Java Indonesia
Restaurant Furniture Suppliers made in Bali and Java Indonesia

Mid to high-end products


Choosing the right style of furniture for hospitality projects is one of the most important things to consider. There are many different styles and themes to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for your business.

Whether your project is a 5 star beach resort in the Bahamas and you are creating a tropical beach vibe, a coffee shop in Berlin with a vintage industrial feel or a rental villa in Bali after a bohemian look. We have it all.

Variety of Furniture Styles for Hospitality Projects
Variety of Hotel Furniture

We have over 12,000 products


Restaurant Furniture

Dining Tables and Chairs, Bar Stools and Tables, Dining Benches, Waiting Area Furniture, Storage Cabinets, Serve ware, Tableware, Food Warmers. 

Hotel Furniture 

Bedroom Furniture, Entrance / Foyer Furniture, Bathroom and Spa Products. 

Interior Décor 

Fine Art & Wall Décor, Interior Furnishings, Lighting, Ornaments, Soft Furnishings.

Outdoor Furniture

Alfresco Dining Furniture, Outdoor Seating Furniture, Pool and Beach Furniture

Outdoor Accessories

Garden Accessories, Outdoor Décor, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Accessories.

Large Range of Hotel Restarurant villa Furniture from Bali
Large range of Restaurant Furniture and Furnishings

Made to your specifications


To make your establishment stand out from the crowd the furniture needs to create a memorable setting for your customers to enjoy, it needs to be something different from the rest. An interior that creates an atmosphere that is a unique selling feature for your business..

If we don’t have something exactly to fit your scheme, we can design or manufacture products specifically for you. You may already have ideas on what you want. We custom make most types of furniture and furnishings to your exact specifications, styles, designs and sizes.

Custom Made Hospitality Furniture
Custom Made Hospitality Furniture

For hotels, restaurants & villas


You want to make sure that the furniture you’re purchasing is of good quality and durable.   

We pride ourselves on our high-quality furniture products. Our furniture is made from high-quality materials, and is durable. We take great care in manufacturing.

Our own quality control team monitors production done by our sub-contract craftsmen. This ensures all products are to the highest standards.

Luxury Villa Furniture
Luxury Villa Furniture

For hotels, restaurants & villas


Our products are priced in the mid to high-end quality level. In terms of a hotel we would say our products fit into the 3 to 5 Star price category bracket.

We’re not in the lower-end of the market. Rather a supplier offering products with style and that all important wow factor! 

We understand that the interior scheme and in particular the furniture is a large part of the overall budget.

We are flexible in how we work, we can price individual items or work with a total budget for the project. It’s whatever is best for you.  

Restaurant Hotel Resort Furniture Bali Java Indonesia
Restaurant Hotel Resort Furniture Bali Java Indonesia
Wholesale tropical furniture handicrafts and lighting from Bali and Java Indonesia

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Our Friendly AI Support


Meet Zena, our AI Customer support. She is available 24/7. She speaks over 95 languages, you can chat with her in any language. 

She can answer basic questions like Do you have a catalogue and price list? or technical questions. Like the specification of any raw material, or the cubic capacity of a container. If you planning on visiting Indonesia she can also suggest places to visit during your stay.

Zena Ai customer support

If you ask her personal questions like, How old are you? Do you like your job? What’s your salary? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is Zendy? She can be a little sarcastic, depending on her mood. 

She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Chat with her! Use the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Watch our videos with information about us, our services to retailers and for hospitality projects, what custom made products we can make and our quality control processes. 



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