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Furniture For Retail Trade Buyers from Indonesia.

Furniture from Indonesia


Furniture for retail trade buyers – If you’re in the market for furniture imports from Indonesia for your retail shop or online store, you may be wondering where to start or what to buy next.

There are a zillion options out there, and many suppliers from Indonesia. It can be difficult to know which is the best for your retail business. 

We have a wide variety of products available, over 10,000 in fact. Plus, we are always designing or sourcing new products on a daily basis.

However, if you want something we don’t supply. No problem, send us a design or picture and we will make it for you. We supply a full range of indoor and outdoor furniture, plus lots of home furnishings and outdoor accessories

You are not going to run out of options for your retail shop or online business from us. We could be the perfect supplier in Indonesia for you. We supply products from both Bali and Java. 

Furniture for Retail Trade Buyers Exporting Globally
Furniture for Retail Trade Buyers Importing from around the world


Furniture suppliers from Bali & Java


At Zenddu, we know that the latest furniture and furnishings trends are an important part of your retail business. The interiors and outdoor furniture markets are a little like the fashion industry and trends are constantly changing. This means that it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in order to appeal to a world full of internet searching trend savvy consumers.

That’s why we are constantly monitoring the market in order to keep up with the latest trends. Our products are bang up-to-date with the latest trends, which will attract and give you more customers. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable  supplier. With the best possible furniture for retail trade buyers from Bali and Java in Indonesia and is always up-to-date with the latest trends, then look no further than Zenddu.

Furniture trends from Bali and Java Indonesia
Furniture trends from Bali and Java Indonesia
“We have dealt with Zenddu for a number of years now and highly recommend any of their products. They are honest and trustworthy. We bought products from another supplier in Indonesia and had a really bad experience. We nearly lost a 20,000 USD deposit by trusting a wrong supplier who was 4 months late on delivery and never replying to our emails or calls. Zenddu took over the control of the order as a favour to help us and got it completed and shipped. All the products we have bought from Zenddu are of the highest quality, and how they keep us updated about our orders production is beyond excellent”
Martin V

Trade furniture for retailers


Small Retailers & Startups

If you are a smaller independent retailer and looking for suppliers from Indonesia. You will love the flexibility of Zenddu. 

We offer a wide range of products which can be purchased in small quantities, some items you can even purchase just one. That makes it easy for smaller retailers to take advantage of importing furniture from Indonesia. You can order many different products with just a small quantity of each in one container if you want.

If you offer interior design services to your clients / customers then Zenddu could be a game changer for you. With a large selection of products, we can supply products for a complete house or villa in one order. Saving you lots of time and the hassle of having to deal with lots of different furniture suppliers from Indonesia.

We organize and collect the products from the different manufacturing locations and move them to one distribution point ready for export. We offer mixed product containers and LCL shipping.

Furniture Suppliers from Indonesia for Retailers and Wholesalers
Furniture Suppliers from Indonesia for Retailers and Wholesalers

Large Retailers / Chain Stores / Wholesalers

If your business is wholesaling or you are a larger retailer or chain store then you are probably looking for a higher volume of products. We understand you are price sensitive. If you are looking for full containers shipped regularly and have an estimated spend of over 150,000 USD a year on furniture imports from Indonesia.

Then please check out our buying agent services which are only available to wholesalers and large retailers. We can become an extension of your buying process.  Acting on your behalf with other furniture suppliers from Indonesia.

Furniture imports from Indonesia for wholesalers and Large Retail Groups
Furniture imports from Indonesia for wholesalers and Large Retail Groups

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Furniture for retail trade buyers


We partner with 100’s of small manufacturers and individual craftsmen who have specialist skills in certain materials, production techniques or types of products. 

They are based throughout Indonesia, but most are based in Java. Many of our craftsmen are located in difficult to find locations, they never advertise, have no website and speak no English. So it’s very difficult for overseas buyers to find them and deal directly with them. We are a major source of income for many of our partnering craftsmen. 

Zenddu is a socially aware business that likes to help people. We run a Fair trade policy so all our craftsmen get paid fair prices for the work they do. We even sponsor some of craftsmen’s children with their schooling, and have helped by giving them money if they are in financial difficulties. 

Working with a large number of craftsmen with different skills means we can offer you a huge range of furniture imports from Indonesia.

Furniture Manufacturing Bali Java Indonesia
Furniture Manufacturing Bali Java Indonesia

Furniture from Bali and Java


Furniture Suppliers from Bali and Java Indonesia
Furniture Suppliers from Bali and Java Indonesia

Custom made products from Indonesia


Custom made furniture for retail trade buyers is a major part of our business. Even though we have thousands of products, roughly 40% of everything we make is custom made to buyers requests.

Custom furniture is an important consideration for any retailer. It’s a huge selling feature and can give you the edge over your competitors. 

The customer gets exactly what they want, rather than having to make do with a product that both you and your competitors might sell.

It definitely helps improve customer loyalty for your business. Consumers love to brag about how the product was specially for them and that they bought it from you. 

Enthusiastically talking to visitors in their home, sharing it on social media, turning the custom product into a conversation piece. Which is the best type of referral possible for generating potential new customers for you.

Maybe you are looking for products that are different from your competitors, giving you a unique selling point. 

We custom make most types of products to your specifications, styles, designs and sizes.

 It could be that you have seen something online you like. Send us a picture, we can size it if you are not sure of the dimensions and make something similar.

Custom furniture is a win-win situation for all retail trade buyers.

Custom Made Furniture Bali Java Indonesia
Custom Made Furniture Bali Java Indonesia

Many styles of are available


If you forced us to categorize ourselves on the style of products we supply, we would probably say it’s based around a contemporary tropical feel. This means that our products are designed to give a modern and stylish look to any room or outdoor living space with a tropical bohemian flavor. 

However, we do produce many other styles which are custom made including Vintage, Industrial. Ethnic, Primitive, Classical and Reproduction styles.

Furniture Styles from Bali Java Indonesia

Making sure the quality is right


As a retailer, you want to make sure that the items you’re purchasing is of good quality. 

Our products are in the mid to high-end quality level, we’re not in the mass production, cheap price made by the thousands market. Rather, we are a supplier offering products with style and that all important wow factor!  

We pride ourselves on our high-quality items. Our products are made from high-quality materials, and are durable. We take great care in manufacturing. Our own quality control team monitors production done by our sub-contract craftsmen. This ensures all products are to the highest standards. 

6 Important Tips For Furniture Retail Trade Buyers

No matter what types of items you’re looking for, keep in mind the unique needs of your retail business.

There are many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Bali and Java. It can be difficult to choose the best supplier, some are very good, but also, some are very bad.

A large manufacturer or supplier doesn’t mean they are good. Some of our worst nightmares and problems have been with large suppliers. You need a supplier you trust. Based on our experience of dealing with 1000’s of suppliers in Indonesia.  

Here are 6 tips to consider about furniture imports from Indonesia

1. Find suppliers from Indonesia with a good reputation.

2. Research the supplier’s products, production capabilities and capacity.

3. Make sure the supplier is able to meet your specific needs.

4. Check you can communicate well with the supplier, not just by email, talk to them otherwise you will get miscommunication which will 100% lead to problems.

5. Important one: Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a supplier based on the fact they are the cheapest. (There are many different grades of materials and if the price is low it’s a warning sign the supplier is cutting corners on specification or quality and not telling you. Many suppliers will say yes, to your requests, just to get the order. 

6. Finally, do you feel comfortable and trust them with your order?


Zenddu can offer you:

1. A supplier with an excellent reputation supplying furniture for retail trade buyers who are based all over the world. (We can supply references)

2. One of the largest if not the largest range of products from any one supplier from anywhere in Indonesia. We use most furniture production techniques and processes, and as we subcontract all our production we can increase capacity easily to meet demands.

3. Both standard and custom made products are available backed by a full customer support service throughout the whole order process. From developing new products though to organizing shipping by sea or air to any location for you. If it’s made in Indonesia, then we probably can supply it!

4. Run by native English speakers with over 25 years experience in the global furniture supply, design and manufacturing markets. So you won’t have any communication problems. Our staff speak to our craftsmen in Indonesian, Javanese and Balinese languages.

5. All our products are great value for money based on the quality and materials used. If a price point is not possible to meet. We will say no we can’t do it, We are transparent and open. Black is Black, White is White.

6. Finally, we hope you are confident enough and trust us to be your partner for all your imports from Indonesia. We are looking to build long term relationships with our retail trade customers. Not one-off orders. If you are looking for long-term furniture suppliers from Indonesia, then lets talk.


Please complete our catalogue registration form. To get access to our online catalogue. With our full range of over 12,000 products.

You will get immediate access. To access in the future visit our homepage and log in using the password provided at any time.

We will also send you information on any new products and the latest industry news.


Our Friendly AI Support


Meet Zena, our AI Customer support. She is available 24/7. She speaks over 95 languages, you can chat with her in any language. 

She can answer basic questions like Do you have a catalogue and price list? or technical questions. Like the specification of any raw material, or the cubic capacity of a container. If you planning on visiting Indonesia she can also suggest places to visit during your stay.

Zena Ai customer support

If you ask her personal questions like, How old are you? Do you like your job? What’s your salary? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is Zendy? She can be a little sarcastic, depending on her mood. 

She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Chat with her! Use the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Watch our videos with information about us, our services to retailers and for hospitality projects, what custom made products we can make and our quality control processes. 



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