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Furniture from Indonesia


This page will explain the whole order process from selecting products through to the shipping process.

We have a lot of customers who have never imported before or have limited experience of importing from Indonesia.

This is a simple and easy guide. After reading you will understand how to place an order with us.

How to place an order Zenddu
How to place an order Zenddu


The first thing to do is register to our online catalogue where you can see over 12,000 products. Our products are made throughout Indonesia.

After you have registered. You will get instant access to the catalogue and we will send you an introductory email with the password for future access.

Our minimum order for exporting is USD 5,000. Local orders is Rp 10,000,000


From our main website, you can access our catalogue in the future by clicking on Login, and entering the password.


You can navigate through all of our product categories, and look for products in a certain style, material or type by using the main menu in the catalogue.



When you are in a Product Category page you can filter the products by clicking on the tags.




The PDF Catalogue section contains hundreds of PDF catalogues of most of our products which you can download.



When you have found products you like, head over to Prices and open the Get A Quote Form. Here you can request a quotation for the products you are interested in. Copy and paste the product code number into the form. When you submit the form a copy is sent to you email.



If you want any custom-made products to your design or specifications. It’s no problem we make custom bespoke products every day. Around 30 to 40% of all products we make are custom-made. 

The more detailed the information you can send the better. This helps us give a more accurate price. Detailed drawings, with sizes and material specifications are best.

You can complete our custom product form which is located on our main website in the manufacturing section and the catalogue in Prices.

Drawings for custom made products made in bali java indonesia


Quotations normally take around 3 to 5 working days to be processed and are sent to your email. The quote will have the product’s standard size and specification and is valid for 30 days.

All prices quoted are based on an ex-works basis.

What does incoterm EXW mean? – Ex Works

Under EXW Incoterms, the responsibility for supplying the goods lies with the seller. This means that the buyer assumes all costs and risks as soon as the goods are collected from the seller, such as the seller’s factory or warehouse.

Once the seller has packed and labelled the goods, they have fulfilled their contractual obligation. It is now the buyer’s responsibility to handle transportation costs, obtain the necessary export documents licences, and take full responsibility for all associated risks.

 You can find out more about Incoterms and what all this means by reading our Guide to Importing from Indonesia.

We will also include a copy of our terms and conditions of sale which you can read here.


You can send us your order to our email or through our order processing system.

If you send your order by email, we prefer it to be a spreadsheet. Include the quantity and product code. Many products have options. For example a wooden dining chair with an upholstered seat. You have options on the wood finish and fabric. Please include the options you want for each product in your order spreadsheet.

If you need any advice just contact us by email or WhatsApp. You can see all the options by going to Manufacturing > Material Options on our main website.

If you want to add products from another supplier to be added to our order. We are happy to do that but we charge a 10% handling fee and we take no responsibility for the other supplier’s products.

You would need to advise us of the products and send a copy of the supplier’s invoice. They would need to deliver the goods to our warehouse. Many suppliers in Bali and Java can not deliver. If this is the case. We can collect from the other supplier but will charge for the trucking cost. If the goods are not packed or packed badly by the other supplier, again, we can pack or repack them at an additional cost.


In the next step, we now have to calculate the CBM (Cubic Metre) size of the order. We will do this for you.

When we know the CBM we will advise you on the best method of shipment. Whether LCL or FCL. If FCL we will advise the best size container.

We will also tell you if the quantities need to be increased or decreased to best fit, the suggested type of shipping. 

You can find out more about this by reading our Guide to Importing from Indonesia.

We can give you an estimated production lead time to produce your order and a rough estimate of the consolidation costs. The fixed consolidation costs are calculated after the order is complete.


After we have agreed on the order. The products, quantities, options etc. We will send you our proforma invoice. This will include information on our bank details to make the payment. 

If the order is over our minimum order value of USD 5,000 for export and Rp10,000,000 for local a deposit of 50% of the goods value is required. If your order is below our minimum order value then 100% must be paid. 


There are two ways you can send the payment. We accept bank transfers and online money transfer websites.


Please note: Indonesian banks don’t use the IBAN or swift code system. 

Important: Many people don’t know when you make an international bank transfer. There are three banks involved. Your bank, a third-party clearing bank and our bank. All banks charge fees.

If you are doing an international bank transfer, please inform your bank that the FULL AMOUNT needs to be received by us and you are paying all the transfer costs.

If you don’t advise them, then the charge made by the third-party clearing bank will be deducted during the transfer without you knowing and the amount received by us will be short. Our bank charges its fees and deducts their charge from our account separately. 

If the amount we receive arrives short. We will send you a screenshot of our bank statement showing you the exact amount we received. Proving in arrived short.

This difference will be added to the final invoice and we will double it as we will assume your final balance payment will also arrive short. 


An alternative to banks and a very secure, cheaper and faster way to pay is by using an online money transfer company. Here are some of the larger global providers. We have no partnership with any of these companies and are not recommending any. They are companies our customers have used in the past.

Based on customers’ experiences transferring money to us, they recommend using an online transfer company as the feedback from customers is it is easy to set up the payment is very secure and the payment is made in full automatically with no further deductions and can be received within hours.

Whereas with a bank they deduct a third-party bank clearing charge and can take up to 7 working days for the money to be received in our account.

Once your payment is received the order will go into production and can not be changed. Any changes you request later will be charged for. All payments are non-refundable.


Once your payment is received your order is fixed and can not be changed. Your order will automatically be processed for production. 

We will give you an estimated completion date. This is just an approximate deadline as there are many factors out of our control. Different sub-contractors work on different schedules and national holidays. Weather can be a major factor. During the rainy season, products take longer to dry and can slow production down. This is why the production deadline is only a guide timescale.

If you have ordered wood furniture. The wood will be kiln-dried for around 2 to 3 weeks before the manufacturing starts. To give you a rough idea, a 40ft HC container of products will take around 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

Periodically, during production, we will send you photos and videos of your order to keep you in the loop on the progress of your order.

Once the order is complete our quality control staff will inspect all the products. When this is complete. We will send you photos and videos of all products in your order. Showing individual items and the full quantities for you to approve. Here are a few example photos.

Zenddu Wood Resin Production 009
Zenddu Wood Carving Production 026
Zenddu Synthetic Rattan Production 049
Zenddu Synthetic Rattan Production 002
Zenddu Steel Production 012
Zenddu Rattan Production 102
Zenddu Rattan Production 004
Zenddu Natural Fiber Production 133
Zenddu Natural Fiber Production 132
Zenddu General Wood Production 085
Zenddu General Wood Production 040
Zenddu General Wood Production 027
Zenddu General Wood Production 024
Zenddu Copper Production 081
Zenddu Copper Production 002
Zenddu Aluminium Production 014
Zenddu Aluminium Production 002
Zenddu Wood Resin Production 033


You will see from the map below our production is in many locations. Even differnent islands. Locations can be thousands of kilmetrs apart. Each location can have many different sub-contractors.

Most orders are of mixed products from different locations. We consolidate them by transporting the goods in trucks by road and sea to our warehouse in Jepara. The order then goes to Semarang port. 

If the order is from one location we will load the container at the location. Then ship it to the nearest port.

As we mentioned production can be around 12 weeks. So we have to wait until the order is near completion in case the trucking costs have changed to calculate the consolidation costs. 

Zenddu consolidation map


After you have approved all the photos and videos of your order. We will add the consolidation costs any shortfall in payment and any additional costs to the final sales invoice and send it to you. Once this payment has been received the shipping can be organised.


As we have already mentioned Zenddu supplies goods on an Ex-Works basis. We sell goods to you in Indonesia for you to collect.

This means we are the Seller of the goods.

We are not the Shipper of the goods.

We are not the Exporter of the goods.

We will help organise and advise about the export process. We make no money on exporting or shipping. We help as part of our service to our buyers.

When your order is finished we will give you the contact details of the freight forwarder we recommend. We have used many freight forwarders over the years. Some good, some bad and some useless.


Freight forwarders are agents that act on your behalf to organise the shipping of your orders with the shipping lines. They make sure the paperwork is correct. They help with the export from Indonesia and the import into your destination country.

Freight forwarders normally deal in one country and some even only one port. They are experts in the laws and import and export processes in their own country. They will partner with other freight forwarders in different countries to create an International network.

They will advise about the payment of the taxes in your country. They can also take your products from the port of destination to your warehouse.

The freight forwarder we recommend will contact all of the shipping lines that operate from Indonesia. They will get the freight cost. When the next ship is leaving. What the shipping timescale is.

When they have all this information they will give you the best 3 options to select from.

As most of our customers are overseas. We will help you by putting you in contact with the right companies that can export and ship for you. You deal and pay directly with them. 

If you want goods delivered in Indonesia we will give you the contact details of a trucking company who again you deal with them and pay them directly.

When the container arrives at our warehouse we will load the container. We will send you photos and videos of the container being loaded to prove it was loaded correctly. 

Here are a few examples

Zenddu Shipping 061
Zenddu Shipping 076
Zenddu Shipping 099
Zenddu Shipping 073
Zenddu Shipping 070
Zenddu Shipping 067
Zenddu Shipping 025
Zenddu Shipping 022
Zenddu Shipping 020
Zenddu Shipping 014
Zenddu Shipping 011
Zenddu Shipping 004

Once your representative has collected the goods from us. Our obligations are complete and all risks for the products pass to you.

We highly recommend you read our Guide to Importing from Indonesia and About Import Laws to get a full understanding of the whole process.



Please complete our catalogue registration form. To get access to our online catalogue. With our full range of over 12,000 products.

You will get immediate access. To access in the future visit our homepage and log in using the password provided at any time.

We will also send you information on any new products and the latest industry news.

Our Friendly AI Support


Meet Zena, our AI Customer support. She is available 24/7. She speaks over 95 languages, you can chat with her in any language. 

She can answer basic questions like Do you have a catalogue and price list? or technical questions. Like the specification of any raw material, or the cubic capacity of a container. If you planning on visiting Indonesia she can also suggest places to visit during your stay.

Zena Ai customer support

If you ask her personal questions like, How old are you? Do you like your job? What’s your salary? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is Zendy? She can be a little sarcastic, depending on her mood. 

She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Chat with her! Use the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Watch our videos with information about us, our services to retailers and for hospitality projects, what custom made products we can make and our quality control processes. 



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