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Main Container Ports in Malta

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Main Container Ports in Malta

Main Container Ports in Malta

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Marsaxlokk Port

Address: Freeport Centre, Kalafrana BBG 05, Malta

Port Authority: Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd.


Port Type: Seaport

Port Size: Medium

Terminal: Yes

Marsaxlokk Port is a significant maritime facility located in Marsaxlokk, Malta. As the largest port in Malta, it serves as a crucial hub for both commercial and passenger vessels in the Mediterranean region. Specializing in container handling, Marsaxlokk Port boasts modern facilities equipped to handle various cargo types, including bulk and general cargo.

Its strategic location offers convenient access to major shipping routes, enhancing its importance in international trade. Additionally, the port features efficient logistics services and a range of amenities to support maritime activities, making it a vital gateway for global commerce.

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Valletta Port


Terminal: Yes

Valletta Port is situated in Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. As the primary maritime gateway to the country, it serves as a vital hub for both commercial and passenger traffic. The port offers extensive facilities including cargo terminals equipped to handle various types of goods, cruise ship terminals accommodating large vessels, and modern infrastructure for efficient operations.

Its strategic location at the heart of the Mediterranean makes it a key transit point for maritime trade between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, contributing significantly to Malta’s economy and regional connectivity.

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Malta Port


Terminal: Yes

Malta Port, situated in the Mediterranean Sea, serves as a vital maritime hub for both commercial and leisure vessels. As the primary port of Malta, it offers extensive facilities for cargo handling, including containers, bulk, and general cargo. Additionally, the port accommodates passenger ferries and cruise ships, bolstering tourism and trade links with neighboring regions. Its strategic location enhances connectivity between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, making it a pivotal point for international maritime activities.

Malta Port’s modern infrastructure, efficient operations, and strategic positioning contribute significantly to the region’s economic vitality and maritime transportation network.

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