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Main Container Ports in Switzerland

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Main Container Ports in Switzerland

Main Container Ports in Switzerland

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Zurich Port


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Zurich Port is a major inland port situated in Zurich, Switzerland. Although Switzerland is a landlocked country, Zurich Port serves as a crucial transportation hub thanks to its strategic location on the Limmat River, connecting it to the Rhine River and the North Sea. This port primarily facilitates the transportation of goods via inland waterways, offering efficient cargo handling facilities and storage capabilities.

Zurich Port plays a vital role in Switzerland’s trade network, supporting the movement of goods both domestically and internationally, contributing significantly to the country’s economic activities.

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Muttenz Port


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Muttenz Port is a vital inland port situated in Muttenz, Switzerland. Primarily serving as a key transportation hub for goods, it facilitates efficient cargo movement between Switzerland and international markets. The port boasts modern facilities equipped for handling various types of cargo, including containers, bulk goods, and liquids.

Its strategic location provides convenient access to major transportation networks, enhancing connectivity with neighboring countries. Muttenz Port plays a crucial role in Switzerland’s logistics infrastructure, contributing to the smooth flow of trade and bolstering the country’s economic competitiveness on the global stage.

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Basel Port


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Basel Port, situated in Basel, Switzerland, is a key inland port facilitating trade via the Rhine River. As Switzerland’s only cargo port, it plays a crucial role in connecting the country to international markets. The port serves as a vital transportation hub for goods, offering extensive facilities for handling various cargo types, including containers, bulk goods, and liquids.

Its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe’s major transportation routes enhances its efficiency in serving both domestic and international trade needs. With modern infrastructure and efficient logistics services, Basel Port contributes significantly to Switzerland’s trade network.

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