Bohemian Albasia Wood Animal Skull Art

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Dimensions15 × 55 × 50 cm
Min Order Quantity

5 Pieces

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Bohemian Albasia Wood Animal Skull Art

Zenddu is a brand which is above all dedicated to creating high quality products. We supply to the retail trade market and also for hotels, restaurants, cafes, villas and other hospitality contract projects.  

Bohemian Albasia Wood Animal Skull Art- At Zenddu you can discover the world of beautiful high-quality handmade products, made in Bali as well as Java Indonesia. We hand-craft all our products, but above all quality is the most important to us. Our large range of unique and stylish products, will surely look great in any interior or garden design. Bring the natural beauty of Balinese and Javanese products directly to your retail store as well as any hospitality project you are running.

Bohemian Albasia Wood Animal Skull Art

Our craftsmen have many years of experience, so, are highly-skilled people. They pass their knowledge down through the generations, and most work either from home or in small groups. Zenddu gives you direct access to this market as most of our craftsmen don’t speak English. Lots of them are also in remote locations and none of them export directly. We pay all our craftsmen very competitive rates, and also, many of our suppliers set the price for the goods. We are always adding new items to our ranges, in fact we probably have the best collection of products available. Buy home and hospitality products specifically from Indonesia from us you will not only get the best choice, but also a one-stop-shop service. We make custom products on most orders, therefore if this is what you want of course we can do this for you also. Why not send us your detailed working drawings, layouts, so we can give you a price. If you are not sure what you want especially if you are not design minded then send us for example a photograph or even a scribble drawing with sizes to begin with. We will contact you so that we can discuss your requirements in detail. For more information take a look at our custom made products page. Useful link: Indonesian Ministry of Trade page.